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Shirley Barber - Visit to Fairyland (Lenticular Hardcover)

Shirley Barber - Visit to Fairyland (Lenticular Hardcover)


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Shirley Barber is an acclaimed author and illustrator whose work has been published in many languages and countries around the world. Sales of her books total well into the millions to date. Shirley, now in her eighties, lives in Melbourne and continues to draw and paint and immerse herself in the world of fairies and her imagination. She comes from a family of fine artists and she herself has a background in wallpaper design and other commercial arts. Along with her beautiful fairy images, many of her paintings include superb illustrations of animals, flowers, and plants, which reflects her deep love of the natural world.

Let this Shirley Barber classic take you back down a road of beautiful childhood memories and nostalgia.

A charming fairytale original to Shirley Barber about a brother and sister who slip through the little green door at the base of the willow tree and into Fairyland . . . this special edition includes a beautiful lenticular cover.

Specifications: 20.96 x 0.76 x 29.85 cm, 24 pages, full colour throughout, lenticular cover, hardback.

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