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Spikey’s Day Out Book

Spikey’s Day Out Book


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Spikey’s Day Out is an Australian echidna kid’s book. Above all, this unique children’s book is AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED! Echidnas are a monotreme and live in Australia. The echidna and platypus are the world’s only egg-laying mammals. The artwork of wildlife and nature is beautiful.

It’s educational, cute & funny. The artwork is bright & colourful. 

About Spikey’s Day Out – Australian Echidna Kid’s Book 

This Australian echidna kid’s book is an illustrated children’s story. It’s about Spikey the echidna. He lives at the Tablelands of tropical Australia. He wishes to travel to the coast. Additionally, Australian native animals are featured.

Details about Spikey’s Day Out 

Firstly, Spikey the echidna is snuffling around the forest floor. Then, he meets a bandicoot. The echidna wants to travel to the coast. They talk about it being a long way.

Later, the echidna goes for a swim in a creek. Spikey chats to Paddles the platypus about the coast. After, Spikey meets Tari the wallaby. He asks for a ride in her pouch to the coast. But, her joey lives in her pouch. Also, Spikey would be too prickly. Therefore, Tari suggests getting a lift with the nearby transport company. Spikey loves the idea. As a result, he climbs into one of their packing boxes.

The truck leaves with Spikey and arrives at the coast. After that, the men discover Spikey and place the box at the edge of the rainforest. As a result, he climbs out and encounters the local wildlife. In other words, there are frogs peeking and cassowaries thumping. As a result, Spikey rolls up into a ball. After a long day, the echidna digs a hole in the ground for sleeping. Art work of a Tawny frog mouth owl, a Rainbow Lorikeet, Licuala palms, palms, mushrooms and beautiful vines are included. This Australian echidna kid’s book is endearing and educational.  

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