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Nadaria and Mali Book

Nadaria and Mali Book


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Nadaria and Mali is a Whale Picture Book. This Whale Kid’s Story Book is AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED! The illustrated kids story book is about a whale travelling from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef. It reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature. It’s educational, cute & funny. The art work is glossy, bright & colourful

About Nadaria and Mali – Whale Kid’s Story Book

This is a cute Whale Children’s Book. In short, it’s a story about Nadaria travelling up north. Firstly, she is by herself meeting other ocean creatures on her way. Midway, she will be accompanied by her son Mali . Other sea creatures are included in the children’s picture story.

Details about Nadaria and Mali  

Firstly, Nadaria a humpback whale is swimming in Antarctica waters. In the distance, penguins are lining up on an iceberg and jumping into the icy water. Soon, Nadaria needs to travel up to the tropical waters, due to food becoming scarce.

While travelling, Nadaria is spotting a majestic whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean. Further on, she is witnessing manta rays doing somersaults. They are scooping up plankton to eat. 

Later through her journey, Nadaria had her calf Mali. On their journey, they are meeting more interesting ocean creatures. 

Finally, the two whales are arriving at the Great Barrier Reef. A steep wall of coral is rising from the depth of the ocean. Many colourful fish are living amongst the coral, because they can find hiding spots. 

Next, Nadaria is pointing her flipper at a dugong heading towards sea grass to eat. She is explaining to her calf, that they feed their calves with milk too. Shelly the sea turtle is already feeding on sea grass. 

Nadaria and Mali are enjoying their time in the tropics, but it is time for returning to Antarctica, where food will be plentiful once again. A pod of dolphins is joining Mali as he is practising breaching, before heading south. Nadaria is waving goodbye with her large tail. Both are disappearing into the depth of the ocean. 

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