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Mobilo Eco Builder

Mobilo Eco Builder


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A great starter set for all little builders as they explore the core concepts of building and construction with this great Mobilo Eco Construction Set of 92 pieces. Great for open-ended construction and STEM based learning, these allow the children to experiment with different combinations to develop their creations. This set includes a great variety of frame pieces, wheels, connectors and a face for the children to bring their creations to life.

Made from 63% recycled plastic, 25% bio-plastic and 12% traditional plastics. Being made from plastic, makes these easy to clean and disinfect preventing the spread of bacteria and germs. This also means they are quick to dry allowing the set to be cleaned and back in the play area in no time. The plastic design also means they are lightweight for the children to handle and play with as they join each of the pieces together and create their 3D designs.

Includes inspiration cards that the children can follow, working through each of the steps to create what they see in the images or they can use these as simple inspiration for their own ideas adding their own creative spin and flair to their designs.

Construction gives children the chance to develop their communication and team working abilities as well, as they work together to build something great they are also building upon their own abilities and characters, setting them up for the future. This item supports a STEM and a STEAM based approach in early childhood. It encourages and develops the problem-solving, perseverance and creative thinking that are integral to STEM and STEAM. This curriculum integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, and the resources need to be able to support these different fields as one integrated pedagogy. Early STEM and STEAM based resources help to encourage this type of learning through play in young children and helps to support children to become confident learners.

Size of longest piece: 11.5(L) x 3.5(W) x 1(H)cm. 92 pieces. Ages 3+ years

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