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Lyssie the Butterfly Book

Lyssie the Butterfly Book


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Lyssie the Butterfly is a Butterfly Children’s Story Book. This Australian Made and Owned kids picture story book has beautiful art work. It reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature

The illustrations are glossy, bright & colourful. The art work makes it certainly stand out! 

About Lyssie the Butterfly Children’s Story Book

This Butterfly Children’s Story Book is about the life cycle of the Ulysses Butterfly. Their habitat is Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Other amazing butterfly species are included.

Details about Lyssie the Butterfly 

A trail of caterpillars are crawling up an Evodia tree where a Tree Kangaroo group is watching. Bobby’s mother explains that they are caterpillars of the Ulysses Butterflies. Just then Lyssie lands on the casque of a cassowary. He teaches his daughter Cassy about butterflies. Lyssie then flies off and lands on the snout of Nipper’s mother, a Saltwater crocodile.  Later that day, the butterfly befriends Big Blue, a male Ulysses. Together, they join other butterfly species feeding on rainforest blossoms. Some of them are the Cairns Birdwing and Blue Tiger butterfly. The life cycle of the Ulysses Butterfly is fully illustrated. (eggs, different sizes of caterpillars, attached pupa to the leaves and finally butterfly climbing out of the pupa). In addition the art work includes dragon flies, Rainbow lorikeet, scrub turkey and Evodia tree.

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