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Harmony Cards for Kids - Values Cards

Harmony Cards for Kids - Values Cards


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A Values and Mindset-based resource used by 1000's of parents, educators, schools and therapists all over the world!

A values and strengths-based way to empower children grow to grow in self-awareness and make caring and thoughtful choices.

Mindset and Values in Action.

Helping children become aware of the cause and effect nature of their choices and how choosing the many virtues and character strengths they already have with in them, they can bring out the best in themselves and others.

Science shows us that we can develop and cultivate the inner qualities we want for ourselves and the children in our lives. This is exciting awareness because the Harmony Cards gives you a way to do it creatively and with connection. It creates a common language within your classroom and home.

Each and every day we have an opportunity to grow and learn from each other.

What better way to bring out the best in each other than with meaningful words like; respect, gentleness, gratitude, patience, encouragement, persistence, independence and a whole lot more!

You have a FRONT to the Harmony CARD and a BACK to the Card.

The Back of the Card has simple language to help them notice, acknowledge and practice values PLUS the all important question of gently reminding children that they have choices.

How do you choose Confidence?

How do you choose Kindness?

How do you choose Trust?

A wise selection of 30 double sided beautifully Illustrated Cards

Acceptance * Cleanliness * Compassion * Confidence * Cooperation * Creativity * Encouragement * Enthusiasm * Excellence * Fairness * Flexibility * Forgiveness * Freedom * Friendliness * Generosity * Gentleness * Gratitude * Happiness * Independence * Kindness * Love * Optimism * Patience * Peacefulness * Persistence * Purpose * Respect * Tact * Togetherness * Trust

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