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Magic Wood Marble Tree Large 72cm

Magic Wood Marble Tree Large 72cm


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Children love watching and listening, as the balls cascade down the leaves of the Marble Tree. Painted with plant-based colours, with the grain and warmth of the wood coming through, the Grunspecht Marble Tree calms the senses and is mesmerising to watch.

Every design aspect of the Grunspecht Marble Tree is intentional. The glass marbles; the type of wood used (Birch and Maple); the spacing between the petals; the number of petals; the length of the trunk; and even the plant based dyes; all contribute to the final melody. 

The Grunspecht Marble Tree comes with glass marbles. These match the original melody and sound harmony of the design. Experimenting with different sized marbles and wooden balls will alter the sound, each producing a different melody, and is a fun activity to incorporate into learning (or just for the pure joy and fun of it!).

Set the balls in motion one at a time, or 'play' them all together. As they wind down the petals, watch and listen, and the tree will sing its beautiful melody.

The effect of the rhythmical melody is harmonising and calming to the senses and the movement of the marbles is mesmerising to watch. Children play for hours as they become immersed, watching and listening, both therapeutic and fun. 

  • Made in: Germany
    Includes: 1x Rainbow Marble Tree with 30 Petals, 6x Glass Marbles
    Size: Large, 72cm
    Materials: Eco-harvested birch and maple wood, non-toxic plant-based dyes

Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6

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